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Advanced Excel and excel formulas Course

Advanced Excel and excel formulas  Course

Excel in the hands of an expert can be a wonderful tool to reduce the work burden, improve efficiency and obtain a more productive work force.

However if you do not understand excel, one could argue that any employee or company who has to manipulate large amounts of data is at a distinct disadvantage.


This two day course will turn you into the MS Excel expert you need to be,  which will allow you to improve your career prospects by being able to manipulate large amounts of data at the press of a button. You will be the envy of your colleagues as you continually impress your boss .

What does advanced excel allow you to do?

Excel allows you to perform day-to-day duties and tasks effortlessly. However you need to know what to do. You have to understand the basic Excel functions and the more advanced functions or tools.  These include the auto sum function to the Pivot Tables Functions.

Other skills you will learn include.

  • Easy ways and shortcuts make daily tasks quicker
  • Filter your data and extract sub – totals
  • Extract information from data
  • Link worksheets and workbooks together
  • Pivot table creation
  • Put formulas together that make sense
  • Use functions in powerful ways
  • Consolidate your data
  • Create awesome charts with trend lines
  • Create macros to automate all tasks


Areas covered in Advanced Excel and excel formulas Course include:


  • Module 1: customizing defaults
  • Module 2: tables (lists), creating a table, modifying a table, formatting a table
  • Module3:advanced formulas, =vlookup,   =iserror and iferror, sumifs and=countifs
  • Module 4: what if analysis
  • Module 5: reports and pivot tables
  • Module 6: simple macros


The above Advanced Excel and excel formulas Course is offered throughout  South Africa (including major centres like Johannesburg, Sandton,  Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein)

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Advanced Excel and excel formulas  Course

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