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Business Writing Course – Business Communication

Effective Business Writing Course – Business Communication

A well written document could be the difference between success and failure for a business or individual’s career.

In the world of iPads, internet and email, there are a number of advantages. However there are a number of disadvantages. We are losing that personal approach to undertaking business.  No longer do we always have the opportunity to explain yourselfface to face. If someone does not understand something they very often not obtain clarity or worse of all they may misinterpret what you true meaning all together.

You may ask what I can do about this. We are not all borne as Wilbur Smiths. How do I improve my writing skills. In order to write will from a business point of view, the good news is that there are techniques and methods that one can learn within an effective business writing skills course that one can learn and apply. At first, like any other skill, you will be nervous trying but you will later see that your skills sets will improve by applying constituent rules.

Outline: Business Writing, Business Communication Course


In the Business Writing, Business Communication Course, the following areas will be covered:

Effective Business Writing Course - Business Communication

Effective Business Writing Course – Business Communication


  • Planning and logic. Do you go on a trip without a map or knowing where to go to do. If you did you would spend hours wandering around and getting nowhere. Similar principles apply to rating, In order to be an effective communicator you need to plan the logical flow of the document. Obvious things to consider include having an introduction, main body and conclusion. Your planning should allow you to guide the use through your document.
  • Use appropriate language. You need to understand the purpose for which you are writing (planning above). There are a number of rules here e.g. use appropriate language, avoid writing in the passive voice.
  • You may write the best text however if it is not presented in an appealing format, you will lose the confidence of your audience. Presentation is king. Techniques here include use of heading, executive summaries etc.
  • Practise, practise, practise. Writing skills are not learnt overnight…however basic rules are, which can be taught in an effective business writing course.


The above techniques can easily be presented in a concise one day course entitled Business Writing, Business Communication Course

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Business Writing, Business Communication Course is offered throughout South Africa (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town)

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