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How to write minutes of a meeting course

How to write minutes of a meeting course

Best Practice in Business Report Writing and Professional Minutes Taking

In order to be a proficient minute taker, you need a number of skills including the ability to:

  • Good Minute taking via the How to write minutes of a meeting course . Although at times, some people think of minute taking as a low level skill. This view is wrong. As be shown in the How to write minutes of a meeting course , a high level of skill is required in drafting minutes as minutes are effectively “legal transcripts” of a meeting. Minute templates assist with the process Small changes in words can make a substantial difference to the way a specific resolution or comment is interpreted which can have serious consequences on an organisation. For example if you are minuting an important contract and one aspect is incorrectly captured this could have disastrous consequences on any organisation. Minutes are often used as a mechanism for implementing a company’s strategy and need to be interpreted on a standalone basis. In other words someone should not to be there to explain what happened in the meeting. Minute templates are a key tool to be used and are discussed in the How to write minutes of a meeting course.
  • Effective Business Writing skills via the effective business writing course. While some of us think that you either have writing skills or you do not, writing skills can actually be learned. In order to excel in the Minute taking course, once the basic rules are learnt, one is then in a positon to hone these skills further. To write will in a business context it  is not so much about be a creative (or imaginative person), but rather following the basic rules correctly (e.g. put in headings, grammar, use spell check, write in a simple way so that everyone can understand it.
  • Being Professional and having business etiquette (Business etiquette course). First impression count. In an office environment (within the context of the minute taking course) you need to look the part (e.g. dress appropriately, don’t use slang and swear words) – at the end of the day your goal is not to impress your friends or suitors but rather create an image of professionalism and trust. Would you for example trust a man who was wearing a vest to work and had tattoos from head to toe or someone who was neatly dressed, well-groomed and looked the part?
How to write minutes of a meeting course

How to write minutes of a meeting course

One learns in the how to write Minutes of Meeting course that the taking of minutes is a very important function that should not be underestimated.

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