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Outlook 2013 Advanced Training Course

Outlook 2013 Advanced Training Course

 How a User Will Benefit from Course

Use the Outlook 2013 advanced training course to improve your knowledge of and skills with the popular and commonly used Outlook service.

Learn how to use all parts of the Outlook service, including the email and calendar, for personal and business purposes.

Making communication and connections within a business easy when you learn more about Outlook 2013 and all features it offers.

Understand more than just the basics. The advanced course will have you using Outlook email, calendars, and connectors with greater ease and success, and with far more possibilities.

Turn your business into a place where everyone remains connected and where everyone can communicate easily, quickly.

Definitions of Course

The Outlook 2013 advanced training course will teach you more about Outlook and the advanced features available with it. Outlook, the popular and commonly used email service for businesses, has numerous features that you may not use fully. This course will explore those with you, ensuring that you gain the most from its use.

Course Outline

  • Go to the basics: Outlook email. Learn how to use the messages and email fully, composing messages that look good and offer the message you want to deliver.
  • Customize your profile, including signatures, so that every email and communication has your desired image and voice attached.
  • Managing all areas of your email, including filters, email delay, and more. Have control over your inbox.
  • Make use of calendars and tasks for everyday use. Learn how to input information, add tasks, and maintain them.
  • Learn how to use notes and RSS feeds for improved efficiency on the job.
  • Know how to manage and have control over the data.

Key Tips Relating To Course

For the most part, you probably use Outlook 2013 already. Outlook is a popular email service for businesses, the preferred option. Due to this, you may already have a grasp on some of the basics. However, if you have yet to update to the newest version or if you are just getting started, make sure that you go through the entire advanced course. The advanced features and information will become helpful for you as a business.

Use every part of Outlook. Outlook email may be the most used aspect of the service, but there is more to it than that. Outlook offers a lot more, including calendars, that you will learn here. Pay close attention to how these extra features can come in to use for your business.

Remain connected with everyone in your business. Keep everyone in the business on top of these lessons so that your communications and connections do not suffer. Have everyone be on the same page.

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Outlook 2013 Advanced Training Course

Outlook 2013 Advanced Training Course

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