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Project Management Course

Project Management Course


All tasks can be considered as mini-project from making tea to building a 100 metre high building. Hence the need for a project management course.

Picture this: You are doing well in your job and achieving all your targets. Your boss comes in one day and say, “Mandla I have this interesting project for you.”  He then starts talking about budgets, teams, Gantt charts,  different role players, timelines, quality standards. You sink your head into your desk and think to yourself I may as well find a new job now as I can cope. You ask the question – How am I going to succeed here. I don’t know where to start. Don’t worry:


A project management course can assist you. What is project management? Project management is the process of starting, planning, implementing and monitoring and concluding a work in order to achieve a specific objective.


You may ask the question how does that help me as I don’t even understand half of the terms. Don’t worry.

Although it can take much time to master all project techniques a number of skills can be taught in a concise modular manner.

The interesting thing about this project management course definition is that complex multi-faceted task can all be included in this definition. In everyday life we apply project management course techniques however we are not even aware of them. Driving from point A to B involves:

  • a start (point A),
  • a plan (map),
  • monitoring (How fast are we going) and
  • a conclusion (i.e. get to point B)

A project management course, merely breaks down these implicit components into techniques to achieve bigger and more complex task.

The above concepts are summarised in a Project Management Course, which can be broken down into a number of components form basic, intermediate to advanced. Each of the stages are stepping stones in getting to improving your project management skills.


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Project Management Course

Project Management Course

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