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Project Management Training


Project Management Training


Project management training can be broken down into three distinctive phases. In the first phase of project management training you will learn the following:

  • Breaking the project up into key stages. There is a saying “if you want to eat an elephant eat it one bit at a time” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If you wish to success in a project, understand the key stages and how they integrate with each other.
  • Managing change. People hate change. In order to successfully implement your project, one needs to inform people about the change, implement the change with them and ultimately win them over to the new way of doing things. Here we deal with project charters, effective communication.
  • Risk Management. A project and change by its very nature introduces a whole range of risks. A key component of project management is to ensure that all risk are properly understood, documents and mitigated or accepted. Many projects fail because risks are not identified upfront. Like project management it is possible to go into create detail in risk management however one has to start with the basics and work your way up to higher levels of knowledge.
  • Project monitoring and evaluation. The project starts with a bang. The next question that is asked is how is the project progressing. In this phase you learn techniques how to monitor project success.
  • Project Budget. You can do anything in life if your bank account is big enough. All projects have a budget. Here you learn techniques how to manage the budget and help ensure your project comes in on time.


In addition to this an intermediate and advanced project management skills is offered. These three phases of project management training can easily be presented in a concise one day course entitled project management course.

Training can either be offered in house or in the context of a public project management training course.

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Project Management Training

Project Management Training

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