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secretarial courses and office administration course

secretarial courses and office administration course

Personal Assistant and Secretaries Training: Advanced Microsoft Office Course

If you are an executive assistant or personal assistant and wish to enhance your skills (Personal Assistant and Secretaries Training). This is an ideal course to enrol in.

Objectives of the course: (secretarial courses and office administration courses : Advanced Microsoft Office Course) include:

  • Enhance your word processing with advanced tools and techniques in MS Word
  • Understand how the entire MS Office suite works together
  • Utilise features and functions of the spreadsheet tools MS Excel
  • Develop professional looking presentations in MS PowerPoint that amaze your boss
  • Take control of your inbox and calendar with MS Outlook

Areas covered over the 4 days course: Personal Assistant and Secretaries Training: Advanced Microsoft Office Course include:

Advanced MS Word 2010 and 2007 Version


You probably use word every day, but how well do you know this programme, and how much time and effort could you save if you knew Often all the tips and tricks to make word work of you? The first half of day one will look at word, and give you the advanced skill need to take your word knowledge the next level.

  • Differences between Word 2010 & 2007
  • Document Formatting and Styles
  • Working with tables, graphics and objects
  • Using and creating templates
  • Using mail merge for mass mailings
  • Ms Word and security MS PowerPoint



Advanced Excel 2010 and 2007 Versions

Excel is the words premier spread sheet software. You can use Excel to analyse numbers, keep track of data, and

graphically represent your information. With excel 2010, you can manage more data

than ever, with increased worksheet and workbook sizes, Excel also makes your job

easier by providing an easy to use interface. And ad array of powerful tools to help you

turn your data into usable information better information leads too better decision



  • Resetting the Diagram
  • Adding pictures from your computer
  • Adding clip Art
  • Working with dates
  • Adding text to a Diagram
  • Resizing and Moving the Diagram



Advanced PowerPoint Course


Often you will be called upon to develop PowerPoint. Learn the  advanced tools available in

PowerPoint for truly professional presentations

  • PowerPoint tour and the user interface
  • Using macros Slides and text
  • Xml Documents Pictures& ClipArt
  • Compatibility Mode Smart Art
  • Using Graphics
  • Organisation Charts


Outlook Course


Tools and techniques to reduce and manage the size of your inbox

Using search folders and rules to organize and manage your email


Other Microsoft training products are discussed including: Access, OneNote, Project, Visio, SharePoint


Secretarial courses and office administration courses is offered throughout  South Africa (including major centres like Johannesburg, Sandton,  Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein)

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Secretarial courses and office administration courses

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