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What is customer service skills training course

What is customer service skills training course

The expression the customer is king cannot be underestimated. Ultimately we earn our money our customer. Linked to this expression is cash is king. This is no small coincidence.

For this reason it essential that staff hone there skills when it comes to customer care and servicing.

Outline: What is customer service skills training course

  • Positive attitude:
    • Understanding the importance of attitude when dealing with clients.
    • Identifying the characteristics and behaviours of positive attitude.
  • Communicating your best image:
    • Identifying the visual aspects that contribute to client satisfaction.
    • Body language
    • Telephone skills


  • Excellence in Client Service & Support:
    • What is it?
    • Do you have what it takes to provide it?
    • Four types of service: Using a graphic show how procedures in an organization and the staff’s personal contact lead to 4 types of service.
    • Reasons why excellent client service and support is important.


  • Exercise : Identify image related aspects, personal and for own
  • organisation and recommend improvements.


  • Body language: what it is, how it influences communication and
  • contributes to excellent/poor service.


  • Telephone skills: the client’s first contact with an organisation and how

this influences perceptions about an organisation.


  • Identify problems and make recommendations to overcome


  • Client needs identification
    • The four basic needs
  • Listening skills:
    • Understanding the importance of listening and getting the ‘right’ message from the customer
  • Providing for client needs
    • Services available
    • Characteristics of service
    • Four basic needs revisited
  • Exercise: Identify and rate services available in own organisation.
  • Identify client needs and decide how to meet them.
  • Dealing with the unexpected
    • Ensuring your clients return
    • What can be done
    • Preparation for client relationship/return
    • Identify problem areas
  • Explain the importance of listening
    • How listening can resolve conflict
    • Identify difficult behaviour and how to deal with this
    • Assess their communication style in order to understand their interaction style
    • Review ways of becoming more versatile and “shifting style” with
    • people to achieve harmonious working relationships


  • Link social styles to a better understanding of team member’s reactions
  • Dealing with client complaints
    • Common complaints
    • Strategies for dealing with difficult customers
    • The difficult customer
  • Going beyond expectations:
    • Own personal plan for improved Client Service & Support


What is customer service skills training course is offered throughout  South Africa (including major centres like Johannesburg, Sandton,  Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein)

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What is customer service skills training course

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