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What is Emotional Intelligence in workplace course (EQ)

What is Emotional Intelligence in workplace course (EQ)


Have you ever been very frustrated and reacted in manner that you later regretted. You may even have lost your job or the support of an important customer or leader. So what has this to do with emotional intelligence.


Emotional intelligence training defines emotional intelligence which is the skill to identify the one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. It also embraces the ability to distinguish between different feelings, name them as such and take the appropriate course of action.

There are a number of advantages in mastering improving your emotional intelligence skills including:

  • Taking better choices
  • Creating more harmony in the work force
  • Understanding how people operate and think/ feel.

Ultimately in the workplace this will improve your and your team’s productivity.


The five key competencies of mastering emotional intelligence training include:


Discover the five competencies, which include:

  • Self-motivation – this provides you with the skills to drive your own performance
  • Empathy – understand other people’sperspectives
  • Effective relationship – We are not an island and are dependent on others to achieve.
  • Self-awareness – being aware of one’s own emotions
  • Self-regulation – controlling one’s own emotions.


Key learnings:  What is Emotional Intelligence in workplace course (EQ)

What (managers and) leaders are supposed to do- managers and leaders often have to ask this question and figure out the answer. what sort of manager do I need to be here & now?

  • What is the single most important thing I have to achieve here and now?
  • Are role models relevant?
  • To what level should you conform versus being an individual?
  • Have I read context correctly- skills to identify and read context.
  • What is appropriate level of social distance ( Am I being too familiar)
  • Using the “9 factors” to affect change.
  • Ensuring my ideas are carried through rather than put down.
  • Working with engaged staff, The TGIF Penalty” flow”-
  • Hot buttons and pressure points.


Emotional Intelligence Test. An emotional intelligence test can be undertaken in order to assess your level with the context of the emotional intelligence test. You should not that there are a number of limitation of a emotional intelligence test including and emotional intelligence test often often measure too many things which are influenced by the person’s environment rather than there innate emotional intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence in workplace course (EQ) is offered throughout  South Africa (including major centres like Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein)


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